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Please fill in the contact form below, and tell us more about your environment, needs and desires. We plan 2-3 litters a year depending on our girls seasons and wellbeing, always making sure each girl has a rest season between litters.

We will see what Australian Labradoodles for sale we currently have,or litters we are planning that will be a perfect match. Or just contact us with any questions or for more info.


Australian Labradoodle for Sale. Contact us to find out about upcoming litters of chocolate, red, caramel and apricot puppies

Are you looking for an Australian Labradoodle for sale to enrich your family? Then, contact us to see which puppies we have for sale presently or will have soon

When you have decided to search for an Australian Labradoodle for sale, you have begun the first step to enriching your family and life.

As we adore all our pups that we place with loving families, we want to make sure we have done everything establish the perfect match, both for you and for the puppy.

Therefore, when you are genuinely looking for an Australian Labradoodle for sale contact us for the perfect match     

Even though this breed is one of the most intelligent and adaptive dogs we know, they are still unique individuals, just like you.

Therefore, one pup might be a better match for you than another.

This is why it is imperative that we know everything about your situation, like how you live, the composition of your family, the energy in your home, and how active you are; and of course, what you expect of your new future member of your family.

We do not ask for all of this information upfront but it is part of our matching process and will be asked for as we develop our working relationship together.

We know our puppies like no one else, and together with our years of experience with puppy placement, we are experts in finding the perfect matches.

Work with us as we match you to a loyal companion. 

We have trained our pups in the basics, but this breed is eager to learn more things, especially because they want to please you. Consequently, this means that you will need to invest in your dog and train them. Only then can you assure yourself of getting a perfect new family member.
But do not worry, we will guide you through this rewarding process. You will become a lifetime member of our community, and we will always be at your service with advice on how to deal with your dog. You can always count on our support. Especially when you wind up facing challenges, we will be there for you.

Are you actively searching for an Australian Labradoodle for sale? We are a licensed breeder for Australian Labradoodles for sale in Manchester, Australian Labradoodles for sale in Liverpool, Australian labradoodles for sale in Leeds, and Australian Labradoodles for sale in Sheffield as our closest cities, but have also helped families as far away as Scotland, Cornwall and London and the uk in general be matched with their perfect puppy. Do not hesitate to contact Derbyshire Doodles to ensure that you are offered a healthy, well-bred Australian Labradoodle puppy.

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We no longer currently we have any Australian labradoodle puppy for sale from this current litter. These are a red/ red and white litter. We are however taking reservations for future litters later in the year, our current waiting time is about 6 months

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Don’t forget to find out what makes the Australian labradoodle so special, and what sets us apart as breeders. We specialise in our training program including training in life skills, socialisation and confidence as well as beginning puppy training skills that help your puppy learn with you super fast. Also find out about our commitment to health and confidence in that offering a lifetime genetic health guarantee. We also commit to you and your puppy for life, offering support, suggestions and a Doodle loving community to be a part of.